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The aim of my research and work after all this years of performing and working as an artist is to generate the right question that each person is searching for.
I won’t give any answer cause this is eventually what every artist will be busy with in their own journey.
To understand which is the “right question” I will propose different kind of exercise, engaging different technical abilities of our body; passing through strong physical dance movement till arriving to more physical theater guided improvisation .We will focusing on searching new path way in order to enrich our movement vocabulary.
My interest is on acknowledging our habits or limit and try to break it or simply change it to open new different possibilities eventually for a new creating process.
The work in couple or small group will certainly allow each dancer to explore easily the “unknown” sfere ,aswell as the big influence that martial art brought into my research.
The workshop will explore the technical body aspect of our movement and bring it to dynamics and space and different architectural space awareness that can help us understanding the natural source of it.
A part of my research is dedicated on using our physicality to explore more theatrical aspect of it and get to taste also the movement through a specific “state” instead of a simple technical task.
The journey that each person will have is related to the place where each of us is at that moment, so we will work on opening the door and “let the things happen ”instead of desperately searching for answers.
Artylogica is my translation of searching a logic into the art of dance, which is an utopia, since dance has a constant evolution in relation to the human been evolution. So there are million logic solution to it but what matters is the one that can function for you.
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